The Accardi Family Proudly Serves The Atlanta Community & Ships Their Famous Pies Throughout The USA.

The Accardi Cousins

We come from a family of incredibly hard workers and entrepreneurs. We are proud to recommend these amazing businesses and services to you! If you love Carlo's Pizza, keep it in the family and support our awesome cousins. 

Bikes & BeersAmerica's Favorite Cycling & Brewery Event Series. Our cousins Sammy and Matt Accardi put together these amazing events to bring together over 50,000 cyclists across the country at 40 craft breweries and growing. Whether you're hitting the trail to come in first, or leisurely checking the sights, there will always be a cold one or two at the trail's end with great company and new friends to meet. Check out their schedule and see if one is happening near you!

Famous Brick Oven Pizzeria - The Best Pizza in the High Country, located at the peak of scenic Beech Mountain, North Carolina. Our cousins Jimmie and Johnny carry on the legacy of their parents, flawlessly recreating a pizza recipe that has satisfied and amazed locals and tourists alike for over 25 years. With a bar boasting over 100 selections of "Beers From Around the World", a mini-golf course, an old-school arcade, and of course amazing pizza, fun for the whole family can be found at the Brick! Catch them at their original location or see what events they'll be catering with one of their brand new mobile pizza trucks!

Blendini City - Our cousin Mason uses his whimsical art style to advocate for issues such as building preservation, supporting local business, and the importance of public transit in urban development. Already having been featured in a number of Philadelphia art installations, Mason's art teaches adults and children alike that a city should have as much character as the people living in them. Our cousin Mason sells and ships prints of his artwork, and if you follow him on social media you may be lucky enough to participate in a virtual "Land Grab" where you can commission a building of your own to be placed forever in the artwork and ever-growing cityscape of Blendini!

William Schenck Realty Services - If you are looking to buy or sell property along the South Jersey Shore, this agent gets the Accardi seal of approval! There isn't a kinder or more knowledgeable guy in the business than our cousin-in-law!

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All nation-wide shipping is now on pre-order for the Holidays. Shipping will begin in December, and all packages purchased before December 15th will arrive on time or just before Christmas. Lock in your Holiday Package today! The Accardi Brothers thank you for your business and we cannot wait to serve you soon.

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